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Pond with Fountain Office Swimming Pool Rec Hall Dog Park North Dumpster Laundry South Dumpster Hot Tubs Butterfly garden Pickleball court Shuffleboard courts Picnic area Annex building Public restroom/showers Waterdispenser Parking Annex building Office parking

Pond with Fountain

This is our pond. One time a year we have a fishing competition.
Next to the pond is the recreation hall.


3501 N. Bentsen Palm Dr.
Mission, TX   78574

TEL: (956) 585 – 0541
FAX: (956) 585 – 5809


Office Hours:
Monday-Friday  09:00AM-05:00PM

Swimming Pool

Large Heated Swimming Pool

Bentsen Palm RV Park has the perfect way to cool off during those hot summer days in our very own swimming pool.

Rec Hall

The Recreation Hall is located in the center of the park with view on the pond with fountain. The Recreation Hall is an enclosed facilities  with central air / heat and has a maximum capacity of 124 people.

The Recreational Hall includes:

  • Two indoor restrooms (handicap accessibility)
  • Full size kitchen with hot water
  • Electric range cook-top and full size oven
  • Household size refrigerator / freezer
  • Microwave oven
  • Two Large outdoor grills

Recreational Hall is open between 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

An A.E.D. is located near the entrance at the inside of the hall.

100 people capacity is the max; this includes guests, vendors and performers.

Dog Park

For dog lovers Bentsen Palm RV Park has designed a dog park to give that special member of the family an enjoyable day. The park is a leash free fenced area.

There's a bench where you can watch your furry friend having a great time. Please clean up after your dog and deposit poop bags in the provided trash bin.

North Dumpster

The north dumpster is for residents. There's a dumpster for regular (land fill) trash and for landscaping items (Palm tree branches, lawn, clippings and brush)

Next to the dumpster, there is a recycling bin. The revenue will go to our activities fund.


We provide several washer and dryer machines in cooperation with CSC.

Experience the benefits of laundry simplified with the CSC GO mobile app. With the easy-to-use app, you can securely pay for your laundry, view machine availability, and get notified when your laundry is complete—all from your mobile phone.

  • Always Know When Machines Are Available
  • Always Know When Your Laundry is Finished
  • Always Have Laundry Money on Hand
  • Pay by coin or phone

South Dumpster

The south dumpster is for residents. There's a dumpster for regular (land fill) trash and for landscaping items (Palm tree branches, lawn, clippings and brush)

Next to the dumpster, there is a recycling bin. The revenue will go to our activities fund.

Hot Tubs

Next to our swimming pool we provide our guests with 2 hot tubs, each offer place for 4 persons. The average temperature of the hot tubs are 100 degrees.

The hot tubs are free to use and operation during the winter period.

Butterfly garden

The butter fly garden is a wonderful spot to relax and at night enjoy the lit up fountain

Pickleball court

Pickleball, America’s fastest growing game and it was created in the backyard of a Washington state politician just 49 years ago. The sport has recently taken off in popularity. Pickleball courts have been popping up all over the country. A close relative to tennis, a pickleball court is approximately one-third the size of a tennis court.

No stranger to activities, Bentsen Palm RV Park is proud to offer an USAPA certified pickleball court.

The pickleball court is free for all our guests. Materials are provided.

Shuffleboard courts

The courts are painted and waxed and waiting for you. Bentsen Palm RV Park offers 3 Shuffleboard courts.

Picnic area

Nestled in the middle of the shuffleboard court and Annex building, this picnic area offers a nice view on both.

The picnic area is easily accessable.

Annex building

The Annex Building provides room for games, yoga, crafting and more.

Check our calendar for upcoming activities.

Public restroom/showers

When spending all day outside, nothing feels quite as refreshing as a fresh shower before turning in for the night. Bentsen Palm RV Park shower houses are free for any camper to utilize, and provide a clean, convenient place to rinse off without leaving the property. Whether your RV has a shower or not, you’ll find utilizing the shower houses at Bentsen Palm RV Park to be a rejuvenating experience that saves you time and energy replenishing your vehicle’s fresh water tank.

The shower houses on  Bentsen Palm RV Park are open to any guests staying on the property. Be sure to check in with the camp office for shower house hours of operation and availability.

Restrooms are cleaned daily!


Next to our office, you'll find the water dispenser from Hylyte.

Hylyte delivers purified and filtered, alkaline-enhanced spring water at modern self-service Hylyte WaterStations.

Hylyte WaterStations use a seven-stage filtration system to dispense the freshest and cleanest water at a fraction of the cost of single-serve bottles. Added electrolytes and minerals in Hylyte water also make for a smoother and crisp taste experience that will leave you feeling refreshed after every drop.

Refilling at a Hylyte WaterStation with a ONE/THREE/FIVE gallon water container(s) rather than single-use bottles, will reduce overall environmental impact

Parking Annex building

When you visit the Annex building, Picnic, Shuffleboard court or Pickleball court, you can park your car or golfcart here

Office parking

When visiting the office or lobby, you can park you car outside the park. This is also where the water dispenser is located.