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  • We want you to enjoy your stay at Bentsen Palm RV Park. Fun and partying are welcome, but please be aware of the other campground guests, especially after dark. Quiet hours are observed from 10PM to 8AM.
  • Old, unmaintained, or damaged RVs are not allowed in the park.
  • Pets must be leashed. No barking dogs staked outside. Always clean up after your pet. No aggressive dog breeds allowed. All other pets must be approved by RV Park management. Pets must be kept indoors. Owners are responsible for the behavior of their pet.
  • Do not park vehicles in the roadway.
  • Trash must be put in the dumpster. If you keep trash outside your RV, it must be in a closed receptacle. It is up to you to keep the area around your RV neat and clean.
  • We do not allow storage of personal property outside your RV. Only professionally built or manufactured storage units are allowed.
  • No vehicle repairs that require more than 4 hours. No major repairs allowed on-site. Cars that aren’t running well are not allowed in the park.
  • As a guest at Bentsen Palm RV Park, you are responsible for the actions of your visitors.

Guest policies

  • Guests may stay 14 days at a time.
    If your guests wish to extend their stay with a maximum of 30 days, you have to contact the office manager for approval (No more than 30 days in a 12 month period)
  • ALL GUESTS must register in the office
  • ALL park rules apply to your guest.
    This especially applies to the QUIET hours in the park and when having visitors that visit your guest that gate code is not given out.
  • Children (anyone without a license) are not to drive golf carts in the park without an adult in the cart.
  • Parking is not permitted on empty sites or on the streets.
  • Guests are to park along the South Fence.

If you have any questions regarding our RV Park Policies and Camping Rates, please contact us.

Bentsen Palm RV Park reservation and deposit policy


If you reserve a site for LESS than 6 months, and that site is requested by another person that is wanting to reserve it for 6 months,a 6+6 or an anual time frame, we will attempt to contact you by phone to give you an opportunity to increase your stay to 6 months, 6+6 or annual to guarantee the site. IF we cannot reach you or you do not wish to extend your reservation, you will be offered a smililar site in the park


All residents requesting a 6 month, 6+6, or annual site for the next season must make a deposit of $150.00 to secure the site. Deposits may be carried over as a credit to the next years season. Sites MUST be reserved for the next season by February 15th, at that time we will open reservations to parties outside the park.

DAILY reservations will be charged first night as a deposit, this will be applied to account, no refunds. Check in time 1PM and check out time is 11AM.

WEEKLY reservations will require a deposit of $150.00. If reservation is cancelled there will be no refund. Check in time 1PM and check out time is 11AM.

MONTHLY or longer reservations will require a deposit of $150.00. Check in time 1PM and check out time is 11AM. If the reservation is cancelled with WRITTEN NOTICE, to: , within 30 days of your arrival the deposit will be refundable.


Deposit of $300.00, plus $200.00 with dog (if applicable). PET DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE and final electric. Check in time 1PM and check out time is 11AM.


Weekly, monthly, 6+6 and annual deposit refunds, when leaving the park, will be refunded minus final electric bills (if applicable).