Wood shop

Bentsen Palm RV Park has a fully equipped woodworking shop which keeps Winter Texans crafty and creative.

  • Established for the personal use of members only for purpose woodworking and woodcraft. Contents of the wood shop are property of the wood shop.
  • The wood shop is financed by wood shop members and by donations. Fund raisers are held to create funds to purchase new equipment and maintain current equipment. Donations are used to purchase maintenance items and small item needs.
  • When using materials, a donation box is located inside the door and donations are appreciated.
  • When using a tool outside the shop, a sign out sheet is located by the door. Sign out by date and lot number and when returning the items, sign it back in. When using items outside the shop they become the responsibility of the individual using them.
  • Park residents needing a minor repair may contact a wood worker for assistance and a donation would be needed for materials used. (such a repair to a drawer)
  • When using the wood shop and equipment, clean-up is required by the individual using it. A dust collector and shop vac are available. Also sweep up the floor.